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Our Team.

The HRCSD -Our team has over 30 years experience with harm reduction and lived experience.

As the founder and Executive Director of the Harm Reduction Coalition of San Diego’s (HRCSD’s) mobile syringe services program (SSP), OnPoint, Tara Stamos-Buesig have worked tirelessly over the years to facilitate change and advocate for evidence-based best practices, specifically as it pertains to drug user health.  As a harm reduction specialist, substance use counselor, case manager, and social worker with 30 plus years of experience and deep knowledge of community needs across San Diego County, she has built the trust of providers, treatment facilities, community members, those impacted by overdose death, the recovery community, and people who use drugs. Tara Buesig has both professional and lived experience with harm reduction and have successfully engaged PWID and key academic, government, and community stakeholders in harm reduction research and practice. 

Amy Knox has been focused on writing and administering grants for the last 5+years. At the beginning of her career she was a corporate and governmental auditor, where she oversaw and conducted audits including grant funds. Her background is in finance and accounting and directing financial decisions for companies. 

Amy wrote the RFP for Harm Reduction Coalition of San Diego to secure the current San Diego Naloxone Distribution and Education Program. She also manages and facilitates the vending machine placements and contracts, as well as the other subcontractors. Her relationships within the community allowed us to secure the first vending machine on sovereign land in the United States. 

In addition she has also wrote and secured funding for the Syringe Service Program Grant through Sierra Health to grow our other side of the business OnPoint. 

Sam Bayne has been working with individuals, teams, and communities to bring about social change that is both tangible in the moment as well as long lasting. He has been lucky enough to be involved in this type of work for most of his life and still feels inspired to continue. He is the Project Coordinator of The San Diego Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution program (SDOEND). He provides mental health counseling, referrals, training, education, space, compassion, and love to people who use drugs. He also assists with task, clinical, and administrative supervision for outreach workers and work with county and community naloxone distribution programs (NDPs).

Mateo Chavez comes to the table with years of experience in Indian Country. As a Local Native Tribal Member from Mesa Grande Tribe, he has traveled all over the County working on Various Projects.

His most prominent work has been in the field of Tribal Monitoring, where he was working on job sites with Archeologists and General Contractors, where his people's artifacts are discovered and returned to their rightful owners. 

Mateo has also had a vast skill set in Construction and Customer Service. He has amazing personal communications and has a great persona everyone loves and respects.




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